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Why You Need To Start With Audience Research (and tools to help do it)

Rand Fishkin on the importance of audience research when creating demand

B2B marketers, you can’t create demand for your product or service without audience research.

It helps understand:

  • who your Dream Customers are
  • what they talk about
  • demographics
  • behaviours
  • sources of influence
  • what they subscribe to and follow

Only once you have that information, can you communicate in a way that MAKES SENSE to them, that RESONATES with them.

“Hey, can you give me a list of all podcast you subscribe to, everyone you follow, list of hashtags you’ve used”

Humans aren’t good at that kind of stuff.

Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro

And you can do it on a platform that they know, like, use and trust.

Kevin and I always advocate for 1:1 interviews and surveys to collect this information. But there’s something these can’t give you that audience research platforms like Sparktoro can:


Why You Need Audience Research At Scale

It’s hard to ask people in 1:1 interviews or a survey:

“Hey, can you give me a list of all podcast you subscribe to, everyone you follow, list of hashtags you’ve used”

Humans aren’t good at that kind of stuff.


That information is available passively, and SparkToro are collecting it. It’s a great tool to try and get some of that information that helps you deeply understand your dream customers.

And you need that information if you’re going to run a successful marketing program.

Grab the full episode with Rand Fishkin below, where we talk about:

  • the importance of audience research
  • how marketers can CREATE demand
  • why we shouldn’t be so transactional with marketing
  • making big, long term bets that pay off

I'm George, and I'm an embarrassingly passionate B2B marketer.

But it wasn't always that way. When I first got into B2B marketing, I actually found it so confusing. There was conflicting advice - and I kept pursuing the promise of "the one thing" that would work - with varying success.

With my own agency and working in-house, I tested different strategies and tactics to see:
(a) which ones could be done by a small marketing team
(b) which ones actually resulted in REVENUE for the business

We then turned the stuff that works into one cohesive strategy that I follow when I consult with B2B clients.

It's called our 5 BEs Framework.

And now we're dedicated to sharing it, right here, on The B2B Playbook.

We're giving away our 5 BEs Framework step-by-step, and creating the resource I wish I had when I first fell in love with B2B marketing.

When I say step-by-step - I mean it! Start the podcast at Episode 1, and work your way through.

If that sounds like too much, we give you the strategy, templates & tools in our 12 week program - The B2B Incubator.

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