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#45: Be Seen – How To Use Paid Ads and Be Where Your Buyers Are (Overview)

Episode 45

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Have you ever had a hard time coordinating office access since returning from working from home?

Shouldn’t this sort of thing be a thing of the past in the age of apps and subscriptions for everything?

I mean, what can’t you do with a tap of your phone these days?

Apparently getting into an office is one of them…

George has some theories about why there’s some weird gaps in technological advancements like this.

But one thing’s for sure, you don’t want your B2B marketing to be in such a gap!

This week, we’re talking about how you can run paid ads right for B2B businesses, as part of the Be Seen stage of our 5 Be’s Framework.

Don’t fall into the trap of reusing what you’re doing in the lower funnel channels like in B2C marketing!

We give you an easy framework to think about ads in B2B marketing.

And if you’ve been through the first few stages of the framework with us, this one will be a breeze!

Tune into this week’s episode for more!

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Episode 45