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#44: ABM Step 5: Working With Sales & Reporting On Your ABM Campaigns

Episode 44

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As you know listeners…

George loves to give Kev a good ribbing now and then.

This week though, the attention on George right off the bat. After a rather weak effort to start the show!

While first impressions like this can be pretty important, it’s equally important to have a great ongoing impression, particularly when it comes to ABM!

So this week, we’re talking you through what you need to do to ensure the sales team carries on your good work, how to continually improve your ABM approach, and even how to report on progress to the executive team. Because let’s be honest, they’re keeping the lights on for the whole ABM show!

Plenty of actionable things to do and look at. As always, nothing to be scared off and put off as a result!

Tune into this week’s episode for more!

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Episode 44