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#32: Create A Brand People Love With Senior Social Media & Community Manager – Meryoli Arias

Episode 32

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Well it’s another special and exciting interview on the B2B Playbook.

This week we’re lucky enough to get the answers from an expert at her craft, Meryoli Arias!

She and the Chili Piper team are so good at it, it feels like each time we engage with them online, we’re talking to people, not a business.

Meryoli generously shares with us some great insights on how to build a feedback loop with an audience on social media, combine it with a wonderful process of engaging internal experts, and produce amazing content that serves the audience but makes them human in the B2B world at the same time!

Some key highlights:

  • Start with company values with building brand personality.
  • Don’t talk about yourself, talk about the general industry and how you add to that space!
  • Create conversations. Don’t have a monologue. Actually listen to your audience. And the more organic it is the better.
  • Empower your internal team to help you scale helpful content. Consistency is the most important thing. Be a cheerleader for your internal experts!
  • Inject personality and make a brand feel like a person! This helps with the engagement that leads to social growth.
  • Remember to be human, even in the B2B world. There’s just people on the other side!
  • Don’t be boring! It’s good for the B2B industry!


Meryoli Arias

Chili Piper

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Episode 32