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#33: Analysis – Employment Hero’s Helpful Content

Episode 33

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As we get to the end of “Be Helpful”, we’re conscious that with so much talk about frameworks and concepts, it can be hard to see the forest from the trees.

And also to recognise good, helpful content when you see it!

So for the next few episodes, we’re looking at and dissecting some examples of helpful content we see out there.

We help you understand what’s good, what needs tweaking and how to recognise good content for yourself.

We start this week with an analysis of one of Employment Hero’s promoted posts on LinkedIn.

Employment Hero is a SaaS company that provides software which helps with onboarding new employees, doing performance reviews, and managing HR templates and processes easily and online.

They’ve put out a helpful piece of content in the form of an Employee Wellness Survey Template.

Here is the ad they ran on LinkedIn that we discuss:

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Episode 33