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#112: Scaling Your B2B Team: The Art of Managing Bottlenecks and Processes – Pt.1

Episode 112

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It’s great! Your business is scaling!

But it seems like more and more things are breaking in your marketing function with that scale.

As we start to hit new levels of growth and the rate of growth starts to pick up, we can’t rely on the same approach to doing things that we set up before.

Often a process that worked with a team of 3 or 4 simply won’t work when you double or triple the team or customer base.

So we’re sharing some of our own experiences and principles on how to deal with that scale.

We’ll discuss how to identify and fix bottlenecks, why team dynamics matter, and the importance of having an All-Star Process. Tune in to discover actionable insights and strategies for scaling your B2B team effectively.

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00:05:20 The Crucial Moment to Fix Broken Processes

00:06:40 Streamlining Bottlenecks: A Game Changer

00:07:30 Why You Need Quarterly Reviews in Marketing

00:08:30 The Impact of Team Dynamics on Success

00:09:30 The Secret Sauce: All-Star Process Over All-Star Team

00:12:20 Building a Diverse Team: Why It Matters

00:13:40 The Learning Curve: Individual Preferences in Problem-Solving

00:14:50 Task Management: Prescriptive vs. Free-Form

00:21:50 Freelancers: The Extra Mile for Better Results

00:22:00 Key Takeaways: When to Fix and When to Let Go


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Episode 112