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#106: The Power of Education in B2B Marketing | How to Build An Education Ecosystem

Episode 106

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Explore the power of building an education ecosystem and discover how leading brands like HubSpot and Segment have mastered this approach. Learn about the Five B Framework and how it can transform your marketing strategies.

As we get into further areas of study, one such area to look further into is education ecosystems.

Why do companies invest so much time into building an education hub? What are the benefits, and what are examples of good and bad ones?

In this episode, we’re exploring those questions as well as how to go about building one for yourself.

It’s the next level up on being helpful with your content. And one that has a lot of impact. But only if it’s right for your business!

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00:00 Introduction: Building an Education Ecosystem

01:00 The Five B Framework Overview

02:00 The Role of Education in Brand Building

03:00 AI’s Influence in Modern Marketing

04:20 Real-world Examples: SAS Platform

05:10 HubSpot and Segment as Leading Examples

06:40 The Pain Points in B2B Marketing

07:50 The Power of an Education Ecosystem

13:30 Automating Knowledge for Business Growth

14:50 The Benefits of an Education Ecosystem


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Episode 106