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#107: Mind Tricks in B2B Marketing part 1: Reciprocity & Commitment & Consistency (behavioural science)

Episode 107

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Neuroscience and B2B marketing.

It seems like there’s a wide gulf between the two only the biggest of businesses and industry experts can bridge in their work.

But that’s not true! All you need is the knowledge of the key principles and some examples to help guide your thinking as you start to apply these ideas to better frame your own marketing efforts.

Chances are you’re already familiar with and actioning some of these things by applying The 5 Be’s Framework, in which we’ve baked in a lot of these ideas!

We start our miniseries on Neuroscience by looking at the principles of reciprocity and consistency.

While we try not to play too many mind tricks, there’s certainly a few levers here you’ll be able to pull to better help your dream customers!

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06:10 The Power of Triggers: Mother Turkeys’ Instinct

13:10 Introduction: The Power of Reciprocity

14:00 Building Relationships through Giving

15:30 The Principle of Reciprocity in Action

17:00 Giving Value without Expectations

18:20 Commitment and Consistency in Marketing

19:50 Cognitive Dissonance and Consistency

22:20 Small Commitments Leading to Bigger Actions

23:50 Nurturing Relationships with Value

24:50 Moving Up the Value Chain

27:00 Conclusion and Recap


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Episode 107