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#105: B2B Demand Generation: The $500 Campaign that generated $145,000 in Pipeline

Episode 105

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This week on The B2B Playbook, we take you on a WILD journey where we turned a modest $500 investment into a thriving LinkedIn Ads campaign. We put our money where our mouth is and show you the demand generation strategy we used to create a campaign that generated a ROAS of 38:1 in pipeline.

Join us as we unveil the strategies, collaborations, and insights that made the campaign so successful. Tune in now to witness a marketing experiment come to life, achieving remarkable results and setting the stage for future successes. It’s a story of growth, learning, and triumph that you won’t want to miss!

Get the strategy, templates and tools we used to launch this campaign here:

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00:00 Introduction: Campaign Goals and ROI

10:00 Analyzing Initial Results and ROI from LinkedIn Ads

18:30 Discussing Cohort Capacity and Revenue

19:20 Partner Incentives and Rewards

26:10 Attribution Challenges and Strategies

29:20 Leveraging Qualitative Data

30:00 Refining Customer Targeting

37:20 Program Duration and Customer Satisfaction

38:00 Addressing Sales Friction

38:30 Discussing the 12-Week Program Timeframe

50:30 Future Strategies and Customer Journeys

51:00 Adjusting Messaging and Positioning

51:20 Applying the 80-20 Rule for Efforts

51:30 Engaging Newsletter Subscribers


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S05 E105 – The B2B Playbook


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Episode 105