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#30: How Marketers Can Grow Their Personal Brand And Company By Being Helpful Like Mason Cosby

Episode 30

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Another special episode this week.

And a timely one while we’re talking about being helpful!

This week we had a special guest who personifies being helpful.

Not only does he have his own podcast helping thousands of people out there with their marketing careers, he’s also sharing all this on LinkedIn on a more than regular basis!

And it’s doing wonders for his own career and the growth of his employer!

So you can have your cake and eat it too!

Tune in for a great episode where we dive into how being helpful looks in practice. Here’s a few quick quotes from an amazing “helpful” interview:

  • “being bullish on kindness”
  • Be “host of the party”
  • “Learning in public”
  • “Solve a periphery problem for your dream customers”

A final bit of encouragement: we’re all regular people and you can do it too. So get started!

Mason Cosby On LinkedIn
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Episode 30