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#24: Step 3 – Scale Your Content With Our 7 Step Content Repurposing Framework

Episode 24

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Sometimes the podcast game can feel a little like living in the past…

Valentine’s Day 2022 has come and gone, and we’re still talking about it!

But the process we discuss this week should help you not live in the past and enjoy the present!

It’s our 7 Steps To Content Repurposing. With it, you can make sure you’re not creating content with every waking hour, just to keep up with the demand!

The 7 Steps are:

  • Step 1: pick what format your longer form, pillar content is going to be in (e.g. podcast)
  • Step 2: pick 1 platform to distribute it on (e.g. LinkedIn). Repurpose into just one medium (e.g. podcast notes → text posts)
  • Step 3: review and make changes to frequency of pillar content and repurposed content as necessary
  • Step 4: make that process as efficient as possible & document it (e.g. put into a content calendar, who responsible for what)
  • Step 5: once comfortable, repurpose again into another medium on the channel you have chosen (e.g. video podcast → video snippets for LinkedIn)
  • Step 6: repeat steps 3-5 until you find the mediums and frequency that get you the most traction, and work best for the platform you’ve chosen. 
  • Step 7: move onto the next platform for distribution (e.g. TikTok, blog etc.). Repeat steps 1-6

Tune in for this week’s episode as we go through this and how you can scale your content production!

Links To Mentioned Resources:

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Episode 24