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#014: Is a Podcast the Right Strategy for your Business?

G’day you B2B folks! 

I know a lot of you are thinking about creating podcasts. But with limited time and pressure to drive revenue now, you need to know if it’s worth the investment.

So today I’m going to bust 5 common myths about podcasts to help you decide whether or not you should do it to drive demand for your business.

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You should be able to read today’s issue in 5 minutes or less.

💡 5 Myths about Podcasts driving Business

1) Download Numbers Matter:

Sure, it’s nice to a steady increase over time in downloads

But here’s why they don’t matter so much:

  • your podcast should fuel the rest of your content strategy (use our content repurposing strategy!)
  • it’s an easy way to collaborate with Influencers of your Dream Customers
  • it’s a non-threatening way to develop a relationship with a Dream Customer
  • it’s an amazing way to get feedback from and stay close to your Dream Customers 

2) It Takes A Lot Of Time To Help You Get Business: 

Many companies use podcasts as part of a ‘warm up play’ for account based marketing.

That CEO that’s super hard to get in touch with to discuss your product?

Try inviting them on your podcast. Many more will say ‘yes’ to that than inviting them to chat about your product. 

(Most won’t even ask how many listeners you get!)

Check out how we use it to win business from decision makers in our Account Based Marketing mini-series

3) It’s Hard To Execute: It’s hard to execute if you try to go from 0-100 all at once.

Take the ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach.

For the first 5 episodes, all we did was focus on turning up at the right time to record. Then we focused on slowly repurposing and distribution.

Create systems to help you insource and outsource the content.

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4) You Need Lots Of Budget and Time: FALSE!

The camera you have and microphone on your computer is just fine to get started.

AI tools like Descript are amazing at making you sound better.

Once you put systems in place, all you need to do is turn up for the recording.

Then you can outsource the rest of the repurposing process.

5) Only Founders Can Do This For Their Companies: Not true.

We may do this for our own business, but we’ve worked with companies who are now using Subject Matter Experts both internal and external to the business to help drive this content forward

The marketer in an inhouse organisation plays the role of the organiser and the dot connecter

NOT the subject matter expert!

✏️ Doodle of the Week

Podcasts are a secret weapon for a time strapped B2B marketer. But it’s NOT about the download numbers… although this ours for The B2B Playbook!

📖 3 Articles and Resources

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2) Here’s the document we use before launching our LinkedIn Ads: It goes through setup, how to measure success, what we’re tracking, what ads we’re running – and much, much more! 

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Thanks for reading!

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