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#001: Stop sending people to your landing page

Friends! Welcome to our 2x monthly newsletter. Written by George Coudounaris and edited by the ever-diligent Kevin Chen. We bring you actionable strategy for your B2B marketing. You should be able to read each issue in 5 minutes or less.

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💡 3 B2B Strategy Tips

1) Stop trying to send everyone to your landing page: There’s a reason the average click-through-rate on social media ~0.5%. It’s because social platforms like LinkedIn are where the party is at. People don’t want to leave! Instead, design your ads and content so the message can be consumed in the feed. If your content is nice and helpful, it will be consumed by more people for cheaper, and will drive better results over time. 

Learn why you should always drive people to your landing page, and how to optimise your content to be consumed in the feed here on Episode 52.

2) Use your ads budget to push your helpful content: You need your Dream Customers to trust you if they’re going to buy from you. So if you understand their pain points and create educational, entertaining content that helps solve it… then why not use your paid media budget to amplify that helpful content to your Dream Customers? It guarantees the delivery of that content, and you’ll build trust much faster than constantly asking them to ‘Book A Demo’. 

Learn more about this non-traditional approach to ads here.

3) You don’t need to measure the ROI of every marketing activity: Shock horror! But the ROI of marketing activities that build trust with your Dream Customers are really hard to measure in terms of ROI. Instead ask yourself: does this activity help my Dream Customer? Are we doing it in a place that they can attend easily? Is it educational and entertaining? Are we getting good engagement and feedback on it?

If the answer is yes, keep doing those things. Marketers drive revenue by consistently working to build trust with their Dream Customers over a long period of time.  

Listen to Rand Fishkin (Founder of SparkToro and Moz) on why marketers need to play the long game and be helpful.

✏️ Doodle of the Week

Stop being the creepo who invites people back to your website when you’ve just met them.

📖 3 Articles and Resources

1) How to gather and action customer research insights in B2B: Our friend Alan Hale draws on his 40+ years experience to show you a robust process for identifying and acting on b2b voice of the customer research insights.

2) Find new customers online with the Dream 100: The Dream 100 is still one of my favourite concepts for finding new pools of customers online. Once you read this article, it will be one of yours too.

3) Start any marketing activity with 80:20 analysis: Known as the ‘Pareto’ principle, this will make sure you get the most bang for your buck with your marketing efforts.

Thanks for reading!

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