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AuthorKevin Chen

I’m Kevin, a geek at heart particularly when it comes to B2B digital marketing.

Small/medium sized businesses like yours are underserved. I realised that very early on watching my dad build his own IT business. It’s what drives me to work on The B2B Playbook with George to help such businesses. We hope our efforts will give the many hardworking business owners out there a clear path to sustainably grow online.

When we’re not recording the podcast in our wardrobes, I’m working at Metigy. The business provides a platform for all SMEs to help with their social media and digital marketing, allowing me to continue my goal of helping small businesses.

The rest of the time, I’m geeking out on tech, the best ways to exercise (soccer, running or tennis), and seriously considering taking up whatever the latest crazy thing Tim Ferriss is doing.

Like George, my former life as a lawyer was defining. A simple and clear framework is crucial for continued success.

The B2B Playbook will hopefully give business owners a leg up with such a simple plan to grow online.