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#99: How To Create LinkedIn Ads that Lead to Pipeline & Revenue (B2B) – Crafting the Perfect B2B Campaign Pt.3 – Justin Rowe

Episode 99

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How do you create LinkedIn Ads that lead to pipeline and REVENUE? What if you don’t have a very big ads budget to play with? What objectives should you use?

What about creative??

We only had $500 to play with, so we had LinkedIn Ads expert Justin Rowe come in and devise a plan to make us ROI positive as soon as possible.

This is part of our experiment to see if, along with 4 of THE BEST marketers in the business, we can create THE PERFECT b2b marketing campaign. ๐Ÿš€

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00:00 – Turning A Referral Fee Into A Lucrative Campaign: The Monica Experiment

05:38 – Utilizing Warm Audiences And Expert Positioning For Effective Advertising Campaigns

08:42 – The Power Of Organic Impressions And Combining Elements In Paid Ads

11:56 – Overview Of Creative Strategy For Cold And Warm Audiences

17:41 – Testing Strategies For B2B Demand Generation Marketing

25:45 – Prioritizing And Generating Demand From Dream Customers

28:50 – Addressing The Limitations Of Google Ads And The Need For Demand Creation

32:15 – Recommended Objectives For LinkedIn Ads

36:37 – Challenges And Strategies For Optimizing Ad Platforms

41:08 – Evaluating Campaign Performance And Testing Landing Pages

44:53 – Considerations For Audience Selection And Delivery Optimization In Advertising Campaigns


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Episode 99