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#98: Creating Landing Pages and Writing Copy That CONVERTS – Crafting the Perfect B2B Campaign Pt.2 – Expert Jess Cook

Episode 98

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How can you create the PERFECT landing page for your B2B business? And what copywriting techniques can you use to help you convert MORE TRAFFIC into paying customers?

We’ve got copywriting and landing page wizard Jess Cook to show us exactly how.

This is part of our experiment to see if, along with 4 of THE BEST marketers in the business, we can create THE PERFECT b2b marketing campaign. ๐Ÿš€

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P.S. Check out the landing page that Jess helped us put together here

P.P.S. Check out the guide to building landing pages that Jess built with us HERE

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02:40 Introduction and Setting Expectations

03:00 The Power of Customer Interviews

29:50 The Rule of Threes and User Behavior

30:20 Skimming and the Importance of Brevity

31:00 Customer Interviews and Identifying Problems

31:30 Discussing the Customer Interview Section

41:30 Feedback on the Application Form

42:00 The Placement of the Application Form

55:20 Discussing the “Homepages for Humans” Course

56:00 Conclusion and Next Steps


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Episode 98