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#74: Be Better – How Marketers Should Analyse Their Pipeline To Maximise Revenue and 6 Ways To Improve It

Episode 74

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Things look rosy…

Leads are up, steadily scaling. You’re well on the way to hitting your targets.

Then the rug gets pulled from under you when you realise the leads are poor quality and aren’t profitable for the business.

This is a scenario all too familiar to marketers. It’s something we’ve experienced ourselves.

So let’s talk about how we can avoid that and get ahead of the trend!

This week, we talk about ways to look at and improve your business pipeline differently. So you can take more responsibility and control, work closer with your sales team and actually have bottomline impact with your day to day marketing activities.

We look at specific metrics and actions you can focus on to accomplish this shift towards better balancing quality and quantity, profitability and scale.


Article on calculating pipeline velocity

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Episode 74