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#68: Be Better – Improve Your Content & Creative With CRO & A/B Testing

Episode 68

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It’s all about 1% better a day.

Or is it?

Although we see the value of that work, even in our personal lives, we think you should be making bigger swings in B2B marketing to get the growth and scale you want.

Because chances are you don’t have the data in your growing B2B business to make the 1% worth the work.


If in applying the 80:20 principle, you determine it is worthwhile, then make sure to check out this episode where we go through how to go about doing things like CRO and A/B testing.

We cover why it’s important to build a process around such experimentation, how to approach it, where to get started including things to test or tools to use, and importantly ensuring you action the hard-earned learnings.

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Episode 68