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#64: Be Better – How B2B Marketers Can Systematically Level Up Their Optimisations

Episode 64

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Breaking news! Kev’s not going to be around next year!

Well just not around physically in Australia for much of the year. As he makes a bit of a tour of Europe while working remotely.

But don’t worry, the show will go on!

Much like how this episode, we’re going onto Be Better! The fourth stage of the 5 Be’s framework.

It’s going to be a guest filled and very exciting season as we dive into all things optimisation for the whole B2B Marketing journey. Not just paid channels where the term often comes up.

Like everything else we’ve talked about, there’s a framework and approach to tackle this part of the B2B marketing journey.

So join us as we take a quick look at what’s in store this season!

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Episode 64