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#48: Be Seen – How To Select The Right Ad Channels For Your Business

Episode 48

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We’ve been referencing it for the last few episodes…

But the cat’s out of the bag now!

The B2B Incubator Program is about to go on its maiden run!

The program is starting shortly with a group of 10 amazing B2B marketers.

We’ve set up a program with all the tools and templates to help B2B marketers and teams implement the 5 Be’s Framework in their businesses!

Taking the work that we do 1 on 1 with clients, we turned it into a more accessible cohort format that allows for group learning to strengthen the learning and implementation process and speed.

We’re really excited to see the great transformations the program will bring.

As that goes ahead, we’re also discussing how to pick the right ad channels for a business looking to Be Seen with paid advertising.

A quick framework to help you think through this so you make the right choice and get bang for your buck, the precious resources you have as a B2B marketer.

Tune into this week’s episode for more!

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Episode 48