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#41: ABM Step 2: Positioning & Messaging

Episode 41

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You know listeners, as part time podcasters and full time B2B marketers, we really don’t get outdoors much.

We certainly enjoy our days in the sun, like last week when we met up to be part of Metigy’s podcast guest series.

But more importantly, when you’re getting out there in front of those lovely potential customers on your ABM hit list, you need to be careful about your positioning and messaging to make the most out of YOUR day in the sun!

So this episode we talk you through the process of how to make those interactions as powerful as possible with your ABM hit list by getting your UVP right and out there!

Also listeners, you may have heard of us talking about The B2B Incubator. This is a program we’ve put together to help you to level your B2B Marketing or train junior marketers to take over the running of demand generation in your business. We’re working on limited cohort intakes. Reach out to us on LinkedIn for more information!


Rand Fishkin (CEO & Co-Founder of SparkToro, ex-Moz CEO & founder)

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Episode 41