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#40: ABM Step 1: Defining The Targets

Episode 40

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We start this week’s episode with a kind word from a listener!

We don’t do it as an ego stroke, we just want to sincerely thank all our wonderful listeners, particularly those like this one, who have written into us with feedback.

Whether it’s positive or constructive, it’s all a big help for us. And we’re always so grateful for it. It’s why we keep doing what we do with the podcast!

So despite Kev’s monotone (he’s a bit shy with praise), we do sincerely thank you all and appreciate you all for joining us on the podcast journey!

This week we kick into what ABM entails.

We cover how you go about defining your ABM targets, and how to document them to use in future steps.

We answer all the practical questions about how to get the ABM work you’re doing on track and off to a great start!

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Episode 40