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#37: How To Conduct Customer Research Interviews Like A Pro – With Ryan Gibson

Episode 37

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This week’s interview is with Ryan Gibson, an outstanding customer interviews expert.

When George said to me we had to have him on the podcast, I knew from his tone this would be a good one.

And he didn’t disappoint. Nor did Ryan.

Ryan was so generous with his time and knowledge, which he shared with us as we chatted all things customer interviews.

There’s some great tips on how to make sure your qualitative data gathering process does the job it’s meant to, while giving you a solid foundation on which to build your B2B marketing strategy.

Just a quick snippet of some of the top points:

  • Qualitative gives you the “why”. Quantitative only gives you the “what”.
  • If you can figure out how and why people are buying, their buying journey, you can then start to influence those decisions.
  • There’s no substitute for talking directly to customers and getting to know their decision making process.
  • Set clear and limited objectives for each set of interviews and make sure you have rigour in your data collection. Only then can you get apples to apples qualitative data that’s comparable and actionable.
  • Take action off the back of this data! Don’t let it sit on the shelf!
  • And qualitative data allows marketers to be reborn, and excited about the work in marketing again!

Tune into this week’s episode for these and more!

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Episode 37