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#31: Too Long, Didn’t Listen – A Wrap of ‘Be Helpful’

Episode 31

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We got some swag!

It’s been such a nice interaction with the Chili Piper team. Not in the least because they’ve very kindly sent us some of their awesome swag!

On the flip side we’ve got some constructive feedback on the podcast, which we’ve loved getting to help make the podcast better!

But it was helpful! And that’s what this season on the podcast has all been about!

And that’s what we’re talking about today. If you haven’t had a chance to check out each episode of this season, we go through a few key points from it. The Too Long, Didn’t Listen version of the season!


Ep 29: Getting Experts Bonus episode

Ep 27: Metrics To Track To Know Your Content Is Working

Ep 23: How To Pick The Format & Channel To Distribute Your Content

Ep 24: Scale Your Content With Our 7 Step Content Repurposing Framework

Ep 25: How To Create A Feedback Loop To Make Your Content Better And Better

Ep 28: The 5 Types Of Helpful Content You Need To Create

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Episode 31