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#27: Step 6 – Metrics To Track To Know Your Content Is Working

Episode 27

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This week we started well.

A surprise to both of us, George actually had a well executed segway into the topic of the episode.

Unsurprisingly he immediately derailed us into a discussion about his singing.

At least he realised about 5 minutes in and brought it back on topic!

This week we’re talking about what metrics to look at and report on to know your helpful content strategy is working.

It’s probably an episode that’s quite actionable, aside from being of immense interest to most of our listeners.

But we have a take on it that we think is a little different to most, which really gears you towards success!

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out what metrics should be tracked, which should be communicated, what success looks like, and importantly which ones to avoid!

Things Mentioned In The Show:

Clearbit, 6Sense, Zoominfo
Chili Piper, Phantombuster, Refine Labs, Gong

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Episode 27