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#22: Step 1 – How To Craft Content That Your Dream Customers Will Actually Like (And Cuts Through The Noise)

Episode 22

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The theme of this episode is…

“High Value Content, Low Production Value.”

High Value Content: Being Helpful (NOT being annoying!)

Low Production Value: Kevin’s crumpled white t-shirts he likes to record in!

Despite the visual impression of being a little rough around the edges, we talk about a pretty important framework and steps to developing content that is highly engaging.

And it comes back to the overarching principle of Being Helpful with it.

It’s so important to do this because that’s how you’ll build the trust needed in the relationships you need to establish with your audience.

Tune into this week’s episode for more!

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Chris Walker at Refine Labs

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Simo Ahava – “Manipulate Response Headers In Server-side Google Tag Manager” Article

Todd Clouser from Refine Labs

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Episode 22