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#13: Building Basic Visibility Online (Part 1: A Framework To Make The Most Of Any Channel)

Episode 13

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When Kevin signed on to do the editing for the podcast, he wasn’t expecting it to affect his relationship with his fiance. Fast forward a few months, and all he can hear is ums and uhs from his partner, as well as George and himself!

But for the most part it is just about keeping the podcast on track with the editing!

It’s another short episode packed with great frameworks and ideas on how to grow your business online.

We’re covering why doing a great website and getting it seen online is two very separate things.

We also give you a few short questions to help you understand any online advertising channel, whether that’s Google, Facebook or TikTok!

Once you understand that, you’ll be able to make the most out of these channels.

Next week, we’ll even guide you through picking the right channels for your business! So be sure to tune into part 2 of building basic visibility online for your business!

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Episode 13