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#12: How To Find A Deep Well Of Your Dream Customers With The Dream 100

Episode 12

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George is sharing tips to find love on dating apps. Or at least get some matches at all!

Who knew the principles for finding your dream customers are so similar to those for finding love in the modern world of dating?!

It’s all about using what we talked about last episode (getting into the heads of your dream customers and speaking their language) to then find where they already are online and joining the conversation.

Before we got too sidetracked, we also dug deep into why the Dream 100 concept works so well. Why it’s so efficient for growing a business and developing relationships.

But it’s all well and good in theory. How you actually put it into practice is often another matter.


That’s something else we dig into! We share some of the easiest places to start finding your Dream 100.

And once you’ve found them, what do you do?


It may be skipping ahead a little to stage two of The 5 Be’s framework we talk about, but that’s it in a nutshell!

We hope you find something useful in this episode, which covers some concepts hugely influential to us!

Links to things discussed during the episode:

Experts Secrets – Russell Brunson

The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast

The Boomerang Effect by Tim Reid

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Episode 12