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#11: How To Get Inside The Heads Of Your Dream Customers So They Listen To You

Episode 11

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Kev’s not going on a picnic, even if it’s the only way he’s getting social contact during a pandemic.

George tries to string together a segway from this to getting inside the heads of your customers.

While we might not be the best at segways, we do have a few good ideas about how to understand customers and making sure you’re heard.

Episode 11 stays in the Be Ready stage of our 5 Be’s. We talk about the 3 core markets products and services are selling into. Then we touch on understanding what your customers are thinking by looking at how they think about moving away from pain and towards pleasure.

A quick and zippy podcast episode to give you some basic frameworks to help you determine what your customers are thinking and if you’re talking the same language!

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Episode 11