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#109: Mind Tricks in B2B Marketing part 3: The Power Of Social Proof (behavioural science)

Episode 109

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More B2B Marketing neuroscience insights this week! We hope you’re enjoying this mini-series!

This week, we’re looking at Social Proofing. That age old feeling that something is good if others seem to think it’s good.

As usual we dive into a quick definition before getting into some great examples of it at play, including our own experience in utilising it.

It’s a great avenue for showcasing your helpfulness, so it sits really well within our framework and philosophy. We also talk about some practical ways you can start utilising the principle and testing what works best for your marketing.

Watch The Episode

00:00:00 Introduction: The Principle of Social Proof

00:04:00 The Power of Reviews in Decision Making

00:05:00 Social Proof on Websites & Platforms

00:06:00 The Impact of Lines & Crowds

00:10:50 The Bartender Strategy & Tipping

00:12:00 Childhood Fads and Social Proof

00:17:20 User Generated Content & Authenticity

00:19:00 The Role of Influencers in Social Proof

00:22:00 Key Takeaways & The Power of Validation


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Episode 109