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#104: Thinking Outside the Box: B2B Marketing That Makes People Pay Attention!

Episode 104

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Thinking outside the box when it comes to following a B2B Marketing framework.

It’s almost a paradox to go outside the framework, but that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do!

Or more accurately, challenge yourself to look at the application of the framework differently each time you go through it.

We talk about what this looks like, why it’s important to do so and how to practically take action on this overarching principle when it comes to continuing to apply the 5 Be’s Framework over time.

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00:00 Introduction: Tactical Execution

00:20 The Purpose of the B2B Playbook

01:00 Overview of the Fifth B: “Be the Best”

01:50 The Importance of Creativity in Marketing

02:50 Thinking Outside the Framework

03:40 The Role of AI in Modern Marketing

14:50 Reviewing the Framework Regularly

16:10 The Repetitive Nature of Marketing Tasks

19:10 The Role of Data in AI-Driven Marketing

21:30 Making Marketing Personal and Memorable


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S05 E104 – The B2B Playbook


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Episode 104