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#103 – Be The Best – A New Approach to B2B Marketing: The Circular Framework

Episode 103

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Dive deep into the world of B2B marketing with our latest episode of The B2B Playbook! Discover the Five B’s Framework, the power of regular review, and the importance of staying updated with your audience. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights and strategies to elevate your B2B marketing game. Don’t miss out on the secrets to mastering B2B marketing. Watch now

As we dive into the details of Be The Best, we’re first covering some overarching concepts for this stage of the framework.

On a similar level to key principles like the 80/20 principle, we cover the concepts of The Circular Framework and Sharpening The Saw in detail.

But as is our style, we try to make it as practical as possible. This quick overview is only the starting point. These concepts will continue to pop up throughout the season, but be sure to lay the foundations with an understanding of what they’re all about in this episode!

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00:00 Introduction to the B2B Playbook

01:00 Overview of the Five B’s Framework

08:00 Importance of Regular Review

09:00 The Value of Templates in B2B Marketing

12:10 Big Picture Priorities in Marketing

13:40 Revisiting Foundations for Better Alignment

16:00 The Concept of “Be the Best”

18:40 The Framework as a Tool for Growth

19:50 Sharpening the Saw and the 80-20 Rule

20:30 Key Takeaways from the Episode


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S05 E103 – The B2B Playbook


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Episode 103