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#102 – Be The Best – How To Future-Proof Your B2B Marketing (new season overview!)

Episode 102

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We’re here at the final BE of the 5 Be’s Framework and the 5th season of the podcast!

With just over 100 episodes under our belts, we still feel like we’re just getting started. And that’s the sort of optimism about B2B marketing that we hope to pass on in this season as well!

Here we cover some overarching themes to guide you in going forward with our framework, as well as some further areas of study that become more general in nature, but can still have a big impact on your B2B marketing workflow. And we round things off with some interesting topical themes and hopefully another series of great interviews with experts.

Looking forward to another great and HELPFUL season ahead for the podcast!

Watch The Episode

00:00 Different Definitions And Processes For Addressing Issues

01:32 Becoming The Best: A Framework For B2b Marketing Success

05:24 The Circular Evolution Of The Five Bs Framework

09:03 The Value Of Having A Framework

10:19 Cross-functional Examples For Success: Rethinking Sales Tactics

12:18 Adapting Tactics For Building Relationships With Dream Customers

15:00 Crafting An Irresistible Offer For Your Dream Customer

17:10 Building Educational Content To Attract Customers: Lessons From Hubspot And The B2B Playbook

18:19 Exploring The Importance Of Addressing Issues And Defining Broken

21:18 The Importance Of Framework Over Short-term Tactics


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S05 E102 – The B2B Playbook


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Episode 102