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#101: How To Prove Your Marketing Campaigns Are Working – Tracking & Reporting You Need

Episode 101

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How do you prove that your B2B marketing campaigns are helping drive revenue for your business? As B2B marketers, it feels like we’re constantly having to report prove our worth to both leadership and sales.

Sure, the latest campaign led to traffic and leads… but nobody really cares about that.

They want opportunities and REVENUE!

So we show you how you can track the performance of your marketing campaigns, and what REPORTING you need to set up to make it easy to see your activities are impacting revenue.

This is part of our experiment to see if, along with 4 of THE BEST marketers in the business, we can create THE PERFECT b2b marketing campaign. ๐Ÿš€

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23:50 Understanding Ad Duplication

24:20 Importance of Social Proof in Ads

25:00 Discussing Attribution Types

28:20 Creating Reports with UTMs

29:00 Visualizing Data by Original Source

29:40 Setting Filters for Reports

35:00 Analyzing Ad Interactions

35:20 Mapping the Customer Journey

36:20 Using Different Report Visualizations

36:30 Filtering Reports by UTM

41:30 Analyzing Ad Interactions by Company

42:10 Breaking Down Interactions by Company

43:10 Setting Limits for Data Visualization

43:30 Analyzing Ad Groups and Companies

50:00 Wrapping Up the Discussion

50:20 Q&A Session with Monica


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Episode 101