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#013: ROI positive LinkedIn Ads with just $500 budget – (how we did it + get our strategy & templates inside)

We challenged ourselves to become ROI positive on LinkedIn with just a $500 ads budget

SPOILER: it worked!

(AND we’re giving you our LinkedIn Ads templates and strategy at the bottom of this email)

There’s already closed-won revenue to make us ROI positive, and a very healthy pipeline of real, highly qualified opportunities.

(NOTE: campaign is still running but we will share exact numbers at its conclusion)

Read on to see EXACTLY how we did it, so you can do it for your business too.


P.S. this is part of our experiment to see if we can create THE PERFECT B2B marketing campaign for our 12 week demand gen course, The B2B Incubator – click here to check it out.


Here’s how we did it: 

1. Be clear on your ICP, goals and budget

  • We only ran LinkedIn Ads after conducting customer interviews, and using those insights to update the messaging on our landing page.
  • We knew that we had to be very specific with our messaging because we only had $500 to play with, so there’s not really any room for guesswork.
  • We created a ‘game plan’ document detailing EVERYTHING about this LinkedIn Ads campaign to stay true to its execution

Grab the LinkedIn Ads Template HERE!

2. Start with Retargeting

  • LinkedIn Ads expert Justin Rowe advised us to start by remarketing to our warm audiences (with filters of our dream customers layered over it).
  • We are now reinvesting returns from the warm layer into a cold audience for scale
  • Justin shared with us his 6 month strategy for scale

P.S. get Justin’s 6 month strategy and all our LinkedIn Ads targeting information HERE

3. Make sure your Creative Resonates with your ICP

  • We put our initial creative together based on some key themes:
    • Who we are and what we offer
    • Social proof
    • Organic posts that would usually get us strong leads
  • We only put these together after extensive customer interviews so we could use the VOICE of the CUSTOMER in our ads

See the ads we ran here! 

Justin Rowe shares his LinkedIn Ads strategy, techniques, and EVERYTHING you need to know so you can do the same for your business

▶️ WATCH (or read) it here!



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Thanks for reading!

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I'm George, and I'm an embarrassingly passionate B2B marketer.

But it wasn't always that way. When I first got into B2B marketing, I actually found it so confusing. There was conflicting advice - and I kept pursuing the promise of "the one thing" that would work - with varying success.

With my own agency and working in-house, I tested different strategies and tactics to see:
(a) which ones could be done by a small marketing team
(b) which ones actually resulted in REVENUE for the business

We then turned the stuff that works into one cohesive strategy that I follow when I consult with B2B clients.

It's called our 5 BEs Framework.

And now we're dedicated to sharing it, right here, on The B2B Playbook.

We're giving away our 5 BEs Framework step-by-step, and creating the resource I wish I had when I first fell in love with B2B marketing.

When I say step-by-step - I mean it! Start the podcast at Episode 1, and work your way through.

If that sounds like too much, we give you the strategy, templates & tools in our 12 week program - The B2B Incubator.

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