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#011: Your linkedin ads need this strategy (plus a little known content metric you should measure!)

G’day you B2B folks! 

Today we’re talking about a killer LinkedIn ads framework to drive revenue more efficiently, a little known but important metric you should be reporting on for your content – and much, much more!

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You should be able to read today’s issue in 5 minutes or less.

💡 3 B2B Strategy Tips

1) The LinkedIn Ads Framework To Drive Revenue More Efficiently: Anyone who has run LinkedIn ads knows they’re expensive. Unfortunately, that can often stop businesses continuing to invest in the platform. But the reality is – for many B2B organisations, the buying committee does spend some time on LinkedIn, and its targeting abilities is unrivalled firmographically. 

If you want to prove the worth of LinkedIn Advertising, start by using it as a remarketing channel. The hot tip here is not just to retarget anyone that has visited your website or interacted with your assets! Instead, make sure you overlay the retargeting campaign with your Ideal Customer Profile.

For example, in our ads for The B2B Incubator on LinkedIn, we retarget people who have visited our website or engaged with our assets, AND are in companies 11-200 in size, have certain titles, and reside in the regions we’ve selected. 

It’s made our LinkedIn Ads budget extremely targeted and is working wonders. 

(P.S. we caught up with LinkedIn Ads expert Justin Rowe on Episode 82 of The B2B Playbook where he shared his full LinkedIn Ads framework with us.)

2) Report on Your Content Repurposing Multiplier: Content repurposing is all the rage for small, nimble B2B teams that need to punch above their weight. It’s what helps us create 1 YouTube Video, 8 YouTube Shorts, 1 podcast, 12 LinkedIn posts, 3 articles, and 1 newsletter every week. All in about 5 hours. 

How do we do it? All our content is just a derivative (i.e. repurposed) from our podcast that we shoot every single week. 

Your content repurposing multiplier shows how much more widely that piece of content is consumed if it’s repurposed, as opposed to it just existing as a standalone piece of content. 

Let’s say for example a new article of yours gets 100 views on your website. If you repurpose the key ideas into LinkedIn posts, you could collect another 1,000 views there. Maybe you have an expert talk about those key ideas into the camera, and post them on YouTube. You pick up another 1,000 views. 

Repurposing Multiplier = repurposed consumption / original consumption

So in the above case it’s (1,000 YouTube views + 1,000 LinkedIn views) / 100 Website Article views

Your multiplier is 20!

Jess Cook joined us on Episode 83 of The B2B Playbook to share everything content repurposing and more.

3) Follow The 3-2-1 Strategy For Your LinkedIn Company Page: Struggling to get traction with your LinkedIn Company page? Try the 3-2-1 posting strategy. 

  • 3x posts that are ‘good to know’ (i.e. helpful content, industry news, helps your ICP)
  • 2x posts that are ‘good to feel’ (i.e. employee highlights, company highlights, get to know the team, feel good posts)
  • 1x posts that are ‘good to buy’ (i.e. product updates, case studies, things that show your product off and how it helps people)

Michelle J Raymond shares her 3-2-1 strategy and much more on Episode 84 of The B2B Playbook podcast.

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✏️ Doodle of the Week

How did you hear about us
A simple ‘How Did You First Hear About Us’ field on your forms can provide so much insight as to what activities helped create the demand and enquiry. This is especially helpful for investments in content programs that rarely lead to clicks to your website (meaning they’re harder to track). For example, many of our enquiries come from people citing our podcast – however the CRM won’t ever tell us that because you can’t click from a podcast!

📖 3 Articles and Resources

1) Drive more revenue in 12 weeks:We give you the strategy, templates & tools you need to drive more pipeline and revenue for your brand. It’s the exact framework we use to grow our clients and our own business. Check it out now!

2) Here’s the document we use before launching our LinkedIn Ads: It goes through setup, how to measure success, what we’re tracking, what ads we’re running – and much, much more! 

3) Create STUNNING images with this Midjourney for Dummies Guide (free): It’s WILD how you can write some prompts, and Midjourney’s AI will spit out the most gorgeous images you can imagine. Whether it’s for work or play, I get all my Midjourney knowledge from Drew Brucker on LinkedIn. He has an awesome free guide (click link above). 

Thanks for reading!

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