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#010: Learn to create the perfect b2b marketing campaign, master outbound & more!

G’day you B2B folks! 

We’ve officially launched our experiment to create ‘The Perfect B2B Marketing Campaign’. So don’t be surprised if you see some ads for our 12 week demand gen program The B2B Incubator start to follow you around soon 👀

P.S. applications are now open for The B2B Incubator! Learn more or apply here.

Check out Pt.1 where Ryan Gibson shows us EXACTLY how to conduct customer research

Today we’re talking about how you can grow using other companies’ budgets and audience, why you probably need to turn your mind to outbound marketing – and much more!

You should be able to read today’s issue in 5 minutes or less.

💡 3 B2B Strategy Tips

1) Grow your revenue with partnerships: What if you could use other companies’ money and audiences to grow your business faster? That’s exactly what strategic partnerships can do for your business (and it’s what Kevin and I are starting to do!).

Start by identifying businesses that are complementary to yours. Places that your Dream Customers already hang out. Then, find out how you can make it a win-win opportunity where you can partner up and market to each other’s audiences. 

For example, we have partnered with some VCs here in Australia, because that’s where many of our Dream Customers hang out. They then discover The B2B Playbook and our paid program, The B2B Incubator. In return, we host educational workshops and webinars for them that bring more founders to their events. 

We have also partnered with Dovetail, a customer research and analytics platform for a co-marketing opportunity. We’ve created some awesome content, featuring a customer research expert using their product, and they’ve given us some budget to blast it to marketers that will find this information useful. 


(P.S. we caught up with partnerships expert Bryan Williams who showed us how to build winning partnerships on Episode 80 of The B2B Playbook.)

2) Outbound is not evil: Infact, it’s crucial to the success of your business – especially while you’re waiting for your inbound and partnership engines to get going. But how can you launch an outbound marketing campaign that doesn’t just clog up inboxes and burn bridges?

The key is relevance over personalisation. Good, cold outbound isn’t about finding out what your target’s favourite fishing rod is. It’s about identifying a real need in their business and making your offer hyper relevant to them. 

Ricky Pearl joined us on episode 81 of The B2B Playbook to give us a Masterclass in outbound marketing. This was absolutely one of my favourite episodes.

3) Demand Generation Reporting: ‘Self-reported attribution’ isn’t the only thing you should be looking at as a Demand Gen marketer.

There’s actually 3 tiers of reporting you should be looking at that take you from:

  • This strategy is showing positive signs, to
  • It looks like we’re starting to contribute some pipeline, to
  • Hey, look at that. Marketing is definitely contributing to revenue!

I break it down over a LinkedIn post here, and dive into the details with Kevin on episode 72 of The B2B Playbook.

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✏️ Doodle of the Week
Thought leadership is table stakes for companies these days. Even your competitors are doing it. If you want to stand head and shoulders above, you need to create a two-way conversation with your Dream Customers. You’ll get closer to them and they’ll listen more than you could ever imagine.

📖 3 Articles and Resources

1) Drive demand with our 5 BEs FrameworkDrive more pipeline and revenue for your brand by following the framework we use to grow our clients and our own business. Check it out now!

2) Our 4 cheap ass ways to see who is viewing your content: It’s crucial to see if your content strategy is being seen by your ideal customers. But traffic revealing software and intent tools are expensive! So here’s our cheap ass guide to getting that information.

3) What marketers say about our Demand Gen Program – The B2B Incubator: We record our feedback sessions from past participants of The B2B Incubator and share them on our page. We don’t ask for testimonials, because we want them to be as honest and transparent as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm George, and I'm an embarrassingly passionate B2B marketer.

But it wasn't always that way. When I first got into B2B marketing, I actually found it so confusing. There was conflicting advice - and I kept pursuing the promise of "the one thing" that would work - with varying success.

With my own agency and working in-house, I tested different strategies and tactics to see:
(a) which ones could be done by a small marketing team
(b) which ones actually resulted in REVENUE for the business

We then turned the stuff that works into one cohesive strategy that I follow when I consult with B2B clients.

It's called our 5 BEs Framework.

And now we're dedicated to sharing it, right here, on The B2B Playbook.

We're giving away our 5 BEs Framework step-by-step, and creating the resource I wish I had when I first fell in love with B2B marketing.

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