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#008: A.I. in B2B marketing, storytelling formulas, YouTube & more

G’day you B2B folks! 

A huge thank you to all that applied to our program, The B2B Incubator over the last 2 weeks! The April cohort is shaping up nicely with you awesome marketers.

AND to those who subscribed to our YouTube channel! We’re still working hard on bringing in more whiteboarding and visuals so it’s more fun to watch. 

Today we’re talking about how you should be using (and not using) A.I. in your B2B marketing, storytelling formulas that make your Dream Customers remember you – and much more!

You should be able to read today’s issue in 5 minutes or less.

💡 3 B2B Strategy Tips

1) How to use A.I. in your B2B marketing: A.I. tools like ChatGPT mean you can create WAY more content, much faster. But should you? Absolutely not. Think about it: your competitor also has access to these low cost tools – so how on earth is it going to give you a competitive advantage? It won’t… it just spits out the same commodity content that nobody cares about. 

Use it as a tool, not a strategy. Start by creating content with HUMANS first, and then use A.I. tools like Chat GPT to help you repurpose it into different formats like YouTube, LinkedIn posts, articles etc. If your content starts with humans, it will contain emotion, stories, experience – all the things A.I. can’t do. 

See how Kev and I are integrating A.I. into our own content creation process here in Episode 76 of The B2B Playbook podcast.

2) The 5-step storytelling formula you need in your marketing: Marketing fails so often because it’s too complicated. We try to say too many things, to too many people. So how do you simplify your message, and put it in a form that your Dream Customers will remember? Stories!

Our brains are built to remember stories. And there are 5 things your Dream Customers care about that you can use in your story:

  • Who is the hero
  • What does the hero want
  • Who does the hero have to defeat to get what they want
  • What tragic thing will happen if the hero doesn’t win
  • What wonderful thing will happen if they do win

We show you how you can apply this to your business (with examples) and integrate it into your marketing in Episode 77 of The B2B Playbook podcast.

3) Don’t assume you know where your Dream Customers are hanging out: It took us SO long to get onto YouTube. But we’ve been on for 17 days now, and we’ve already had 3 people apply for The B2B Incubator (and one purchase our self-serve course) saying they first heard about us on YouTube.

It tooks us so long because I don’t use YouTube much. So I figured other B2B marketers didn’t. But then I ran a poll to our Dream Customers asking where it is they like to learn…. and guess what? The majority said YouTube! (not TikTok)

Here’s some stats from our YouTube for the last 17 days if you’re interested!

✏️ Doodle of the Week

Stop constantly sending people to your landing page! Instead, design your content to be consumed in-feed to take full advantage of people seeing it. Remember: the goal is to get people to consume your message and build a relationship. They don’t always have to go to your website to do that

📖 3 Articles and Resources

1) Consistently drive demand and revenue with our 5 BEs FrameworkKev and I give you an overview of our framework to demystify how B2B marketing can consistently drive revenue.

2) Transitioning from lead gen to demand gen: Is your organisation shifting from lead generation to demand gen? Ex-Refine Labs superstar Myles Madden talks through the challenges faced by in-house marketers leading this transition.

3) What’s even worth measuring: Rand Fishkin is at it again, showing us over the next 3 years what Marketing Mix Modeling can even measure. Is it worth the energy to setup? Find out.

Thanks for reading!

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