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#007: A big revenue opportunity marketers are missing in 2023

G’day you B2B folks! 

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Today we’re talking about smart revenue opportunities for 2023, why you need to speak to the other 97% of the market, and more.

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💡 3 B2B Strategy Tips

1) Upselling is a huge opportunity in 2023: As pockets are getting a little tighter, the usual 3% of the market that is ready to buy now continues to shrink. There’s increasing levels of scrutiny on marketing spend – but you still need to grow. Our solution? Look to your existing customers and identify opportunities to upsell to them. It’s 5-25 times cheaper than acquiring a new customer. 

This requires a personalised approach, but it shouldn’t just be left to Customer Success or Sales. Marketing have the ability (and we believe responsibility) to help make an impact here.

Kev and I give you our 5 step process for making more $$$ out of your existing accounts in Episode 75 of The B2B Playbook podcast

2) Stop making up stories about your Dream Customers: I used to dive into Google Analytics reports, and create stories in my own head about customers. And then use ad spend to validate it. The result: lots of wild guesses, and lots of wasted ad spend.

But then I conducted my first customer interview, and something wild happened:

– I asked a question about she’d like to know
– She told me what information she’d like to learn about

– I asked a question about where she likes to learn online

– She told me she likes to learn on LinkedIn, YouTube

– I asked a question about who influencers her
– She gave me a list of people she follows and groups she is in

Please – save yourself the time, budget and pain – and go and talk to your customers. It’s amazing what they’ll tell you.

3) Dedicate 20% of your time & resources to demand creation: You need to pay attention to the other 97% of the market who isn’t in ‘buy mode’ right now. Only competing amongst the 3% who are ready to buy NOW is expensive, and a race to the bottom in a price and feature war. To scale, you need to look beyond it. 

That’s why we recommend B2B companies spend some of their time and budget CREATING demand, not just CAPTURING those who are ready to buy right now. 

Creating demand is hard to figure out yourself – so Kevin and I showed you how you can get started with limited time and budget on Episode 53

We’ve also given you the strategy, tools & templates to get started when you’re ready.

✏️ Doodle of the Week

Upselling is a huge opportunity in 2023 for more revenue, and marketing absolutely should be involved!

📖 3 Articles and Resources

1) How to analyse your pipeline and opportunities to improve itIs marketing making an impact on your pipeline? We show you how to examine it, and then different activities you can do to impact it. So you can take more responsibility and control, work closer with your sales team and actually have bottomline impact with your day to day marketing activities.

2) Thought leadership isn’t enough: Thought leadership is table stakes. You need to go beyond it if you want to dominate your category. To get started, you need to create a two way conversation. We show you how. 

3) The difference between marketing strategy and tactics: There’s a key difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics. Conflating the two means you normally ignore one of them (drastically impacting your marketing efforts).

Thanks for reading!

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