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#003: Nobody cares about your funnel

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💡 3 B2B Strategy Tips

1) Nobody cares about your funnel: The traditional idea of our Dream Customers making their way down a neat funnel (awareness, consideration, purchase) is outdated. The reality is – your Dream Customers have so much going on in their lives that they will rarely fit neatly into any one of these buckets and stay there. My brain can’t retain what I read yesterday, let alone what articles I read on your website last week. Your Dream Customers are the same.

Ditch the old-school funnel, and instead think about your Dream Customers moving through The 5 Stages of Awareness. This is the idea that there’s 5 stages your Dream Customer moves through before becoming a paying customer. They start at completely ‘unaware’ that they even have a problem that your product solves, to logically being led to the conclusion that your product is the perfect and only solution for them. Your goal is to create content for each of these 5 stages of awareness, and make it easy for Dream Customers to consume. And remember – people’s memories suck – so they’re likely to bounce around between these different stages of awareness. Market accordingly.

Check out our episode on The 5 Stages of Awareness and how your business can use them here

2) Check if your lead generation is working: If you’ve been tasked with generating ‘leads’, it’s worth checking to see if the way you are sourcing them is sustainable for the business. Jump in your CRM and look at the conversion rate from leads to revenue and see how it’s going. If you want to be even more of a superstar, calculate the total cost of marketing and sales to source and service these leads. 

If revenue is outweighed by those costs, it’s probably time to start looking at shifting away from lead generation and towards demand generation. We caught up with Myles Madden to discuss how he’s moving from lead gen to demand generation. 

Grab the notes from our conversation and the full interview here.

3) Here’s how are using LinkedIn to dominate: There’s plenty we can learn from the ‘big guys’ like So Kev and I put them through the ringer to see (1) whether comply with our 5 BEs Framework (2) examine how they use LinkedIn paid and organic, and (3) what you can take from it to use yourself. 

SPOILER: they’re doing an amazing job at using the platform to educate on their product, lighting the load on their sales team.

Grab the full episode here.

✏️ Doodle of the Week

Most companies give up too early to see the benefits of creating demand. And yet, creating demand is the only way to scale beyond those who are ready to buy from you ‘right now’.

📖 3 Articles and Resources

1) Our 4 cheap-ass ways to seeing which companies view your content: Reporting on the impact of your marketing has long been a struggle. Here’s 4 free tools we use to show our marketing is on the right track.

2) The one thing that makes or breaks a customer interview: ‘Talk to your customers’ is bad advice. You need an objective and a plan before interviewing customers. Customer research expert Ryan Gibson gives it to us.

3) Your B2B marketing strategy should go through these 3 stages: These stages are the non-negotiables that underpin every solid, customer focussed B2B marketing strategy.

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